Classroom Rules, Grading System & Policy

Grading System & Policy:
     90 - 100     A             Class assingments are to be completed during
     80 - 89      B           the class period when given.
     70 - 79      C             Incomplete assignments or missing assignments
     60 - 69      D           will need to be completed by due date given by
   Below  59      F           teacher.


As your teacher, I have the following expectations:
     1. Students will learn the skills they need for productive, happy lives.
     2. Students will be respectful and courteous to each other and to
     3. Students will follow rules(school/class) and directions given by
     4. Students will be punctual, prepared, and will participate actively
in class.

Classroom Rules:
     Thank You for:
          - respecting yourself, others, and people's personal things
          - using only appropriate language (no swearing).
          - being in the room before the tardy bell ends.
          - remaining in your seat until you are excused.
          - asking permission to use things.
          - not eating or drinking in class without permission.